PMT20A Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Tool

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PMT20A Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Tool

Pneumatic Dot-Peen Marking Tool

Pneumatic Dot-Peen Marking Tool

PMT20-A is an pressured air driven dot peen marking tool suitable for CNC machines and Robotic systems. The tool allows you to do marking operation directly on the machine eliminating the marking performed after machining. Marking directly within the CNC allows you to lower costs by avoiding a subsequent re-processing and handling of the pieces and also avoids possible errors, since the marking is set directly into the part-program of the workpiece.

PMT automaticly compensates for any differences in height (and / or curved surfaces) within certain limits. This makes marking on all surfaces possible. (unfinished, row or milled surfaces) With the carbide marking needle both soft and hard materials can be marked easily.


Working parameters:

  • Air pressure: 5-8 Bar
  • Spindle: stationary spindle rotation or minimum possible
  • Feed: F2000mm/min
  • Distance from the surface: 6-8mm and decrease of 0.5mm at a time until marking occurs, then descend further 0.5mm in Z axis.
  • Approach to work  Z rapidly

Adjustable compensation allows the user to adjust oscillation of the marking needle. You can increase the stroke (compensation) reducing the frequency. Or for finished surfaces increase the oscillation frequency and get faster feed rates.

Dim. Drawing of PMT 20A
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dot peen marking tool video on you tube