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FDT Pneumatic X46 For robot deburring systems.

FDT is an air driven flexible tool that follows the undefined edges on the workpiece.

The lateral pressure against the workpiece edge can be adjusted with a built in mechanism. This allows adjustment of the chamfer width.

FDT Pneumatic is not affected to air pressure deviations, since its lateral flexion force is created with springs. With this feature you can achive uniform and even deburring results, with air pressure deviations.

FDT Pneumatic has a robust design.  You can mount different types of spindles upto 46mm diameter.
Please contact us for suitable spindle models.

With 32mm Veldon shank you can mount FDT Pneumatic to a Robot or bench.

Standart industrial carbide burs and profiles can be used for deburring needs.

12mm maximum deflection.

Fdt pneumatic X46