FDT AXIAL (F) Axial deflection Push type

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FDT AXIAL (F) Axial deflection Push type


FDT Axial is a simple and economical tool that can be used on NC machines, Robots and CNC.Axial Deflecting Flexible Deburring Tool

By constantly pressuring cutting edge FDT Axial can deburr the side of the workpiece.

The FDT Axial(F) has a push stroke of 10mm in  axial direction, is used to deburr of profiles with variable height or holes on curved surfaces. Adjust the height Z axis by applying a pressure of 1-2mm from the point farthest from the spindle (with the lowest Z coordinate), the FDT will automatically compensate for changes in altitude.

  • With 3 types of springs almost all material types can be deburred.FDT-Axial-Push-Dimensions
  • With ER-11 collet  milling inserts range from φ0.5mm to φ7mm can be used.
  • 10mm Axial deflection- pushing against surface contracting.
  • Compensation capacity: max stroke 10mm push
  • Direction of milling: concordant
  • Clockwise rotation: 6-8000 r / min
  • Feed Rate : F2000-4000 mm/min